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A fun and unique tree native to Africa.  This large tree does best in areas with some space and with light frosts only.  A great shade tree that does well in South and Central Florida producing large “Sausages” or potato-looking fruits.    


Height is approximately 18-24 inches over roots and ships in a one-gallon container.   


ORIGIN: Tropical Africa

SUNLIGHT: Full sun

DROUGHT TOLERANCE: Tolerant once established, may drop leaves in regions with a seasonal dry period. 

HARDINESS ZONE: 10A+, but I have seen some mature species in zone 9B


GROWTH RATE:  Moderate to fast



Has some medicinal uses.  In Africa, Hippos eat them during the dry season when grass becomes harder to find. Giraffes snack on the new, smaller sausages as they ripen. Zebras, porcupines, monkeys, and bushpigs have also been observed making a meal of these rather tough fruits.

Kigelia africana - Sausage Tree, 18-24" tall, 1 gal.

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