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A striking palm that does well indoors with bright light and in the landscape (Zone 10+).  This palm is also great for container gardening when protected.  This palm has a slender grey trunk, green crown shaft, and the pinnate fronds are self-cleaning.  The seeds ripen in the winter to a bright red which has led to the common name Christmas palm.   


These palm seedlings ship in a 1-gallon, 6" container, and are approximately 6 to 10" tall over the soil. 


SUNLIGHT: Full sun to shade

DROUGHT TOLERANCE: Tolerant once established


SALT TOLERANCE: Moderately tolerant

TYPICAL HEIGHT: Up to 25 feet

GROWTH RATE: Moderate to fast, slower indoors 

Adonidia merrillii - Christmas Palm, 3 seedlings, 6-10 inchs tall 1-gal.

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