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The Yellow Poinciana, scientifically known as Peltophorum pterocarpum, is an upright, semi-evergreen tree known for its striking appearance and vibrant yellow blossoms. This handsome tree features a spreading form with a rounded canopy, capable of reaching heights up to 50 feet and spreading between 30 to 50 feet. While individual tree forms can vary, proper training and pruning in both nursery and landscape settings can result in a more uniform crown.


Foliage: The Yellow Poinciana showcases delicate, feathery leaflets in a rich dark green. These leaves provide an elegant contrast to the tree's large size and contribute to the creation of welcoming, dappled shade.


Flowering Season: From May through September, the tree bursts into a breathtaking display, blanketing its entire canopy with a profusion of cheerful yellow flowers.


Landscape Use: The Yellow Poinciana serves as an excellent choice for landscaping projects where a bold, visually striking focal point is desired. It can be used as a standalone specimen tree or incorporated into a larger landscape design.


We currently do not ship internationally or to the states of: CA, OR, WA, or UT.  

Florida Registered Nursery #48024522

Peltophorum pterocarpum - Yellow Poinciana, 12-18 inches tall, 1-gal

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