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This plant ships in a 6-inch, #1 container and is approximately 12-18 inches tall.



This little evergreen gem can be a shrub, tree, or espalier based on pruning. The typical height and spread are around 10 to 15 feet.  Small, tasty fruits arrive in late summer or early fall and are described as having a “fruity-sweet-with-a-little-tang flavor”.  This Guava also does well as a patio plant in a container and can survive indoors over the winter with bright light. 


NOTE:  The edible flowers taste like marshmallows and can be eaten like candy!


Cultural Requirements:

SUNLIGHT: Full sun

DROUGHT TOLERANCE: Tolerant once established in Florida. 



We currently do not ship internationally or to the states of CA, OR, WA, HI, AK, or UT.


Pineapple Guava / Feijoa - Acca sellowiana

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