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Plant Shipping Details

Plants on the "Shipped Plants" page ship free in the container via UPS Ground or USPS Priority Mail, but you have options!

  • We can ship without a container to save you money.

  • We can sometimes combine shipping for multiple plants, most have their own box for quality. 

  • We can rush orders utilizing multiple shipping options. 


Plants can be shipped without a container and are wrapped in plastic stretch wrap packed in moss with some soil (Not bare-root).  This allows for better shipping costs when combining orders.  This is typically only optional but some large trees could ship this way and it will be noted on the specific plant page.   


We can customize any order with a quick email or text message. This includes gift wrapping, custom birthday, or special occasion cards, you name it, and we can normally do it!

Email prior to placing an order if you want to customize!    

Plants ship within three days of your order unless notified otherwise.  In cooler areas of the country, we ship when forecasted temperatures on the route are above minimum USDA zone hardiness temperatures for five consecutive days for plants selected based on plant dormancy.


We currently do not ship internationally or to the states of CA, OR, WA, or UT.

Plant Warranty & Returns

All plants come with an “Arrive Alive Replacement Promise”.  A photo of the plant and packaging must be sent within 2 days of the delivery date for all claims.  Refunds are only provided if the plant is shipped or returned in a resalable condition. 

Plants shipped in the container

Container Shipping

Soil Pack Plant Bag Shipping

Soil / Moss Shipping 

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