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An easy-to-grow native cold hardy palm.  Tolerant of cold, heat, and drought.  This palm grows multiple small trunks and makes a great backdrop, screen, or even an accent in a large garden.  Here in Florida, the palm is also great for wildlife.  According to the University of Florida, berries are an important food source for many mammals and birds. It’s also a host plant for the larvae of the palmetto skipper and monk butterflies.  


This palm ships in a 3-gallon (10") container and is approximately 10-12" tall over the soil line. Green will be taller than silver.  


ORIGIN: Deep Southeastern USA

SUNLIGHT:  Full sun to partial shade 



SALT TOLERANCE: Moderate to high 

TYPICAL HEIGHT:  5-10 feet

GROWTH RATE:  Slow to moderate

Serenoa repens - Saw Palmetto, 8-12" tall, 3gal.

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